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Seagate Global Group was founded in Los Angeles in 1996 to use global financial markets to improve the human condition while investing in low risk/high return strategies.

Seagate Global started as an investment research and asset management firm.  Brokerage, consulting, financing and wealth management were later added. 

Seagate has proven its thesis that focusing on strategies that help people and improve the planet can actually increase investment returns, not decrease them.  

Seagate Global Advisors LLC was founded in 1996 with The People‚Äôs Bank of China as its first client.  Seagate assisted PBOC in managing its assets for over a decade.  Seagate built a successful ten year track record managing the HFR Macro Seagate Fund, and several other fixed income strategies.  In 2002 Seagate was selected to establish the investment function at China Everbright Ltd. (CEL).  Seagate and CEL established a joint venture, SeaBright Asset Management, Ltd., HK. Seagate expanded into South East Asia in 2008 and has been active in the region ever since.   

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Asset Management

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Merchant Banking

Seagate Global's style of merchant banking means 1) identify an opportunity; 2) invest in and prove the opportunity; 3) directly bring in additional wholesale money as needed; 4) take a profit.  Seagate sources deals in Asia and funds them in low interest rate countries. Seagate is actively originating, funding, and servicing government backed loans.  To widen its professional networking, Seagate has developed a close relationship with Seaspire Advisors LLC to partner on special sustainable projects. Seagate and Seaspire share a long term trusted advisory relationship that is of substantial value to a merchant banking opportunity and success.


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Seagate Global Wealth Management, LLC. was established to assist Asia-Pacific high net worth individuals to manage their finances regionally.   Investment advisory services are offered through CMIQ, LLC. Custody of assets is at Charles Schwab.

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Wealth Management

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GovDesk, LLC is a FINRA regulated broker/dealer related to Seagate through common share ownership.  GovDesk is partially owned by The Tradition Group (www.tradition.com).

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