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Seagate Global has exceptional people on the ground throughout the U.S. and Asia-Pacific region. 

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William J.P. Lawton

Executive Chairman and President

Mr. Lawton founded Seagate Global Group in 1996. He led the team to help modernize The People's Bank of China.  Lawton was founding CEO of China Everbright's asset management company.  He is the inventor of  the Lawton Bond Model used by Seagate to create its prize winning track record.  Lawton is responsible for Seagate’s overall philosophy, strategy and investment activities. He maintains close, senior-level relationships with key government and industry leaders in China, South East Asia, and around the world. He is a proponent of ESG finance, meaning he uses financial markets to help people and the planet while seeking to produce exceptional investment returns. Lawton has a 30-year history as a professional investor and helped set up and manage six institutional investment operations at global financial entities.  Lawton holds a BA degree in economics from UC Berkeley, a MA in International Economics from Middlebury Institute and a MBA in Finance from Columbia University. Mr. Lawton was Adjunct Professor of Finance at Tsinghua University. He is working on a general theory of financial markets.

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Brett Rentmeester

Board Member

Mr. Rentmeester is a veteran and entrepreneur in the investment business.  Mr. Rentmeester is the CIO of the Jaggi Family Office.  He is Founder and Managing Director of WinRock Wealth Management.  He is a Board Member of Seagate Global Trading Sdn Bhd and advises Seagate on a number of issues.  Prior, as a founding partner of Altair Advisers, a $3 billion investment firm, Mr. Rentmeester advised clients with assets up to $1 billion.  Previous to that, Mr. Rentmeester was a manager at Arthur Andersen, helping to build their Investment Advisory and Private Client Services practice. Mr. Rentmeester is a CFA and has entered the CAIA. He has an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management with specialties in strategy, marketing and entrepreneurship.  Mr. Rentmeester graduated magna cum laude from the University of Arizona with a degree in Finance.

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Nor Adli Sapari

Co-founder, Partner, and CEO of Seagate Malaysia

Adli Sapari was born and raised in Singapore but migrated to Malaysia to attend college. He then became a Malaysian citizen. His career has been focused on trading and construction since his college studies which included: completing his GCE “O” levels in Raffles Institution (RI), Singapore and University of Technology, Malaysia (UTM) to pursue his bachelors and master’s degree in Civil Engineering & Geotechnical Engineering respectively. He then began working at Protasco, a publicly listed Malaysian construction company. After which he joined Seagate over a decade ago, and has been instrumental in successfully completing over 60 trading transactions in supplies, construction materials, general merchandise, PPE's and solar energy.  He is the designer of Seagate's Smart Partnership Program that has been endorsed by the Government of Malaysia, and established a deep network with Malaysia's glove industry. 

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Jun Tupaz

President, Seagate Philippines

Professor Dominador Tupaz Jr., is President of Seagate Trading Philippines, Ltd. He is one of the world’s leading experts on comprehensive community development and is working tirelessly to improve the lives of everyday Filipinos under his Program of Global Excellence (POGE) which has been endorsed for national replication by the Office of the President of the Philippines.  He is working with the government to set up free trade zones and a national grassroots distribution system to lower the cost of basic goods for the bottom 40% of income earners.  He is expanding Seagate's Smart Partnership program in the Philippines to increase the supply of affordable housing and clean energy (solar and trash to energy).   He holds positions in a number of ESG related organizations and has an extensive network in ASEAN. He is assisted by a large and experienced staff in the Philippines in import/export logistics, construction, finance and trading.

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Sam Shang

Managing Director, Seagate Global Trading

Mr. Sam Shang is Managing Director for Seagate's global trading operations. Mr. Shang was formerly President of Yunnan Trading Company, the government trading entity for the Province of Yunnan, China.  He has managed the import and export of billions of dollars of goods and commodities throughout the Asia Pacific region over 30 years. Mr Shang is expert in all aspects of import/export logistics, trade and finance.   He is currently exporting recycled materials and agricultural products to China and SE Asia, overseeing logistics for the importation of PPE's into the US, and spearheading the development of recycling facilities in the US and the Philippines.   

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Lawrence Pereira

Managing Director, Research and Trading, MBA

Lawrence Pereira is Managing Director of Research and Trading.  Mr. Pereira joined Seagate Global in 1997  and has worked with Seagate Global in various roles with increasing levels of responsibility including: Head of Research, Head of Trading, and Head of Portfolio Management. He is also MD at Seagate’s independent broker/dealer, GovDesk, LLC.  He has been instrumental in assisting Seagate Global Group to produce its exceptional track record. Mr. Pererira holds a BA in economics from Fordham University, an MBA in Finance from UCLA and holds his Series 7 securities license. 

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William J.P. Lawton VIII

International Marketing Manager

Will Lawton has learned the investment business from the ground up when he started working part-time in Operations at Seagate Global in high school.  Mr. Lawton held various technical and marketing positions at other companies prior to re-joining Seagate in 2016 to assist in the development of Seagate Global's ESG related programs in Asia.   He moved to Kuala Lumpur to oversee all flow of funds and assist Seagate Global Malaysia CEO Adli Sapari in developing the Smart Loan program, including investor communications, marketing, online presence and client relations.   Mr. Lawton holds a B.S. in Marketing from California State University, Northridge, and has a working knowledge of Bahasa Malaysia.

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Jessie Yu

Client Relations Manager, MBA

Ms. Yu  joined Seagate Global in 2014. Jessie our selected high-net-worth individuals, families, and entities to develop wealth management approaches and implement investment strategies. Prior to joining Seagate Global, Jessie specialized in serving the institutional investors at Fubon Securities, a subsidiary of Fubon Financial Holdings, which is the second largest financial institution in Taiwan. In 2010, Jessie organized the first institutional sales team in providing the research, investment advisory, securities brokerage and corporate relationship services that dedicated on the emerging markets with primary focus in China and Hong Kong markets. Jessie received an M.B.A from the University of Southern California at the Marshall School of Business in 2014 and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she earned a B.B.A in Finance, Investment and Banking

Seagate Malaysia Team
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