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In the Philippines, Seagate has partnered with the Government for country-wide implementation of Seagate's programs.

Seagate Global's Programs of Global Excellence works to increase a family's income and to help make them bankable.

Seagate's network in the Philippines is being used to distribute PPE's from Korea to save lives from Covid-19.

Seagate Global has been working with the Government of the Philippines to reduce poverty through the Programs of Global Excellence, a grassroots community development program, that has helped over 150,000 families to become bankable.  POGE helps families develop a family business plan in a number of clusters such as agriculture (e.g. coconut industry revitalization), aquaculture, basic goods trading, home stay and more.  The POGE network is being used to distribute Covid-19 PPE’s. It is a solid basis for computer based purchasing.

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Programs of Global Excellence (POGE)

Seagate Global is working with the Government of the Philippines to reduce the cost of basic goods to the bottom 40% (B40) of income earners.  Three free trade zones have been established and are in the process of being developed to reduce potential friction from the government while offering basic goods at prices 20%-50% cheaper than those available at the local corner store. 

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Organized Basic Goods Trading

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