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Performance & Awards

Investment performance is the final report card for an investment company.  Investment performance proves if a manager’s investment philosophy stands up in the real world. 

Seagate Global was identified by an academic study as one of only a handful of investment managers to demonstrate a statistically meaningful ability to out-perform markets over a long period of time.

Seagate has been recognized as one of the world’s top performing fixed income managers and emerging market managers. 

Seagate's track record is what many investment managers aim for but few ever achieve: high stable returns in almost all market conditions since 1996, even in the disaster year 2008 when Seagate returned over 17% for investors in global macro fixed income.  Seagate was the founding partner for China Everbright Asset Management, now one of China’s top investment management companies.  More recently, Seagate’s Smart Loan Program has the potential to continue Seagate’s exceptional performance track record.  Seagate’s key is to identify big picture trends such as the rise of China in the past, or the opportunities in South East Asia currently. 

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Past Performance

Seagate Global has been recognized over the years as a top performing investment manager as well as a contributor to improving society. 

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