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Seagate China

Seagate Global has had a privileged behind the scenes seat in Asia as senior financial advisor to China's central bank starting in the early 1990's.  

China's implementation of a market based financial system helped China to greatly reduce poverty and grow their economy.

Now, capital markets are helping China to raise funds for projects that reduce pollution and other ESG related projects.

Seagate Global was selected by China in the 1990’s to assist in modernizing its central bank and financial system.  The goal was to reduce poverty and spur economic prosperity.  By focusing on developing and then improving the financial system, among other key moves, China accomplished the largest and fastest economic development in world history.  As one of China’s key advisors, Seagate learned what worked for their meteoric development, and is spreading that knowledge to SE Asia and beyond.

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Financial System Key to Poverty Alleviation

The first steps in poverty alleviation often result in environmental degradation.  Once economic growth started to take off, Seagate started looking for ways to invest in environmental improvement.  Seagate entered a JV with China Everbright to create Seabright Asset Management, Ltd., HK. SeaBright targeted clean energy companies, and taking 12 companies public, some with excellent results, including GoldWind Technologies, a major wind turbine company.  

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Improving the Environment

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