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About Seagate
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Seagate Global is a private California based Asia-Pacific focused alternative fixed income asset management and merchant banking organization.

Seagate related companies provide asset management, brokerage, financial advisory services, and  loan origination and servicing.

Seagate Global specializes in delivering high stable returns in all market conditions in socially responsible ESG related strategies.   


As a merchant banking organization Seagate invests its own money in projects and brings in qualified investors when the opportunity warrants.   

Seagate supports two way flow of investments from the US to Asia and Asia to the US.

Our History
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Lucky Beginnings


Seagate Global was founded in 1996 by William Lawton with the goal to help people and improve the planet using the power of financial markets.

Seagate Global was lucky to receive the tremendous honor to be selected by The People’s Bank of China in 1996 to assist in improving the efficiency of China’s financial system and central bank, and managing the foreign exchange reserves for the country.

This position provided Seagate Global insights on how to use and improve the global financial system to help lift people out of poverty while making a fair return for investors.  We learned what works and what does not, and have applied that knowledge to our current offerings. 

About Seagate Innovation and Expansion

Innovation and Opportunity


The current global financial and regulatory system was designed for the 20th century and has become highly inefficient.  There is a capital glut in surplus zero interest rate countries while low risk/high return projects in fast growing investment grade rated countries around the world go unfunded.


This imbalance in the global financial system has created one of the largest investment opportunities in the world today, especially for smaller innovative financial organizations like Seagate Global that have the potential to open financial choke-points using new approaches and technology that legacy financial organizations have difficulty implementing. 


The Seagate Smart Loan and Smart Partnership Agreement are financial innovations with the potential to meaningfully reduce the affordable housing crisis and finance more clean energy projects.   Further, the Seagate Smart Loan is one of the few investments to help inoculate your portfolio against the low interest rate pandemic.


Seagate is developing products to further improve the efficiency of the financial system using crypto-currency and blockchain technology.

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Los Angeles, California

- Seagate Global Advisors, Llc.

- Seagate Global Wealth Management

Chicago, Illinois

- Seaspire Advisors

Putrajaya, Malaysia

- Seagate Global Capital Sdn. Bhd.

- Seagate Global Trading Sdn. Bhd.

Manila, Philippines

- Seagate Global Trading Inc.

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Companies and Locations
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