"Investing for a Better World"

Seagate Global Philosophy: "We consider the impact of our investing on people and the planet as this increases return and lowers risk, and it helps make the world a better place."                 

At Seagate Global we do not follow the investing crowd, we lead.  We have produced prize winning investment performance* with our people first approach and created and funded our innovative Programs of Global Excellence (POGE) which are now helping over 150,000 families. 

In the investment world talk is cheap.  We do not talk, we do. If you are happy with your investments and the state of the world, keep doing what you are doing. 

We are not happy with the status quo, and are taking actions to improve things for the better, using a tool stronger than the most potent weapon: global capital markets. 

Seagate Global has made a tangible difference to reduce global poverty, improve the environment and open channels of communication between the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds. 

What we do is difficult and uncommon.  Why?  First, one must be a master of markets and investing, which we are as demonstrated by our numerous awards, achievements and track record.  Second, one must have the desire and motivation to use those skills toward a purpose larger than self-aggrandizement, which we do.  Few combine both. 

Seagate Global is “Investing for a Better World,” but we want to leave the world better than we found it, which means we have a lot more to do, and this is what keeps us going.  If you are like minded, let's talk.

                                                    William Lawton, Chairman,  Seagate Global Group

       * See About Us and the Media Tab for investment awards and commendations.
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William Lawton (center) working on Seagate's
community development program in the Philippines. 

Seagate Programs of Global Excellence (POGE)
Seagate Global Select Achievements:
  • Helped establish the People's Bank of China as a modern central bank
  • Swiss GAIM Absolute Performance Winner GAIM Prize
  • Partner in building China’s “Outstanding Investment Corporation," China Everbright
  • Established one of China's first private equity funds and delivered strong returns while taking a number of companies public in the US, Hong Kong and China
  • Forecast the 2008 financial collapse in 2006, and positioned clients appropriately
  • Senior International Adviser to Kunming, China's Official Gateway to Southeast Asia
  • Implementing comprehensive development programs in the Philippines
  • Helped fund Goldwind Technology to become the world's No. 3 wind turbine firm
  • Financial and sales partner with Trina Solar, a NYSE listed solar manufacturer
  • Partner to a number of China's largest construction companies providing turnkey solutions to infrastructure needs
  • Working to improve relations between Muslims and non-Muslims by fostering trade and investment in places such as Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Mindanao