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Seagate Malaysia

Seagatate has been investing in Malaysia since its inception in 1996, and now is a financial partner with the Government of Malaysia.

Seagate's Malaysia business focuses on financing affordable solar homes and reducing the cost of basic goods for the bottom 40%.

Seagate Global's programs have been endorsed by the Government of Malaysia and the govnerment co-invests with Seagate in projects. 

Seagate Global’s Smart Partnership Program has been endorsed by the Government of Malaysia.  Seagate and the Government of Malaysia are working together in reducing the affordable housing crisis as well as global warming by financing affordable solar homes for heroes (military, firefighters, nurses, teachers, etc.). Seagate adds other environmentally friendly features such as rainwater recapture systems.  Loans are originated by Seagate Global Capital under its Smart Partnership Program, serviced by Seagate Global Trading, and funded under the Seagate Global ESG Government Smart Loan Program.

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 Affordable Solar Homes

The Government of Malaysia and Seagate Global are working together to reduce the cost of basic goods to the bottom 40% (B40) of wage earners. This is achieved by financing bulk purchases of basic goods, after which, governmental coops repackage and resell the goods at discounted prices.  The B40 have trouble purchasing the essentials on a monthly basis. Some essentials included: rice, sugar, cooking oil, soap and canned foods.

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Organized Basic Goods Trading

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