William Lawton
Chairman and CEO

Mr. Lawton founded Seagate Global Group in 1996. Mr. Lawton is responsible for Seagate’s overall philosophy, strategy and investment activities. He maintains close senior level relationships with key governmental and industry leaders in China, South East Asia, and around the world. He is a “market activist” meaning he uses financial markets to help people and the planet while seeking to produce exceptional investment returns.

Mr. Lawton has a 30 year history as a professional investor.  He has invested in almost every major market and instrument, and almost always produced investment results better than market benchmarks, and in many cases significantly better.  He has helped set up and manage six different investment organizations over his career, including Seagate Global.

Mr. Lawton was selected by Mr. Chen Yuan (now Chairman of China Development Bank) to help establish China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China, as a modern central bank where he set up risk management systems, investment strategies and trained staff in the early 1990's.   He was a strategist for China to insure a smooth return of Hong Kong to China in 1997. He was selected by China Everbright to set up their asset management department, launching one of the first private equity funds for foreign investors in China. He has been a Director of various CITIC Capital International funds since 2004. He also has worked with China Development Bank, COMPLANT, Sinomach, GMG, Sinosure, Trina Solar, Kunming Iron and Steel, Xinfadi Market, and many other Chinese institutions.

Over the last several years he has been working with a number of governmental agencies and private companies in the Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and elsewhere on issues of importance to Seagate.  These include community development, alternative energy projects and regulation, job creation, affordable housing, and food production. 

Mr. Lawton is working to improve relations between Muslims and non-Muslims by supporting trade and investment opportunities in Muslim countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and Saudi Arabia, as well as Mindanao in Southern Philippines, and Muslim areas of China.   

Prior to founding Seagate Global Mr. Lawton held senior level positions and set up investment operations at Fireman’s Fund American Express, First Interstate Bank, Nikko Capital Management and Trust Company of the West. He is the inventor of the Lawton Bond Model, and conceived and executed the first swaption.

Mr. Lawton’s education was focused on economic development, finance and Asia: UC Berkeley, BA, Economics; Monterey Institute of International Studies, MA, International Economics; Columbia University, MBA, Finance. Mr. Lawton is an Adjunct Professor of Finance at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Dominador S. Tupaz, Jr. 
President, Seagate Global Community Development

Mr. Tupaz is one of the world’s leading experts on community development and helping people using markets, education and a dedicated heart. He created the Community Business Technology Center Program (CBTC) that he is implementing for Philex Mines, the Philippines largest gold mining company. He is also implementing CBTC in the Philippine Province of Zambales, the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, and for Asean Gold and Mineral Corporation. He is a Partner, AGMC International/Seagate JV; Founding Partner, Southeast Asian Food and Commodities Exchange; Representative of APEC Distribution Corporation to ASEAN community; Trustee and Treasurer, Foundations for People Development; Director and Treasurer, Southeast Asian Community Management Corporation.

Antonio Marfori
President, Asean Gold and Mineral Corporation

Mr. Marfori is responsible for Seagate’s mining and construction operations in the Philippines. He is President of Asean Gold and Mineral Corporation, a venture in which Seagate holds a significant interest that is mining gold, iron ore, nickel, and chromite.

He founded A. G. Marfori Construction which is now a “AAA” CONTRACTOR under the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB). He has over 30 of construction experience and has completed a wide variety of projects. He was a first responder after the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991, working to save people and property, after which his company worked to clean up the 6 feet of debris covering the entire region. His specialty is quarry and mining operations. AGMC provides Seagate with a deep bench of mining and construction experts in the Philippines.

Sam Shang
President, Seagate Global Trading
Mr. Shang is responsible for Seagate Global trading activities focusing on importing minerals, food and other raw materials into China; and exporting plants, equipment and construction materials from China.  He has over 25 years of experience in trading commodities and materials between China and the rest of the world.  Formerly Mr. Shang was the President and General Manager for the government trading company for Yunnan Province.  He supervised over 1,000 employs and was responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of trading.  His experience, broad China network, and business acumen make him a key China trading executive.

Noor Adli Sapari
President, Seagate Global Energy and Infrastructure Division

Mr. Sapari has more than 15 years working experience in the renewable energy and construction industries, and is a pioneer in solar energy in Malaysia.  He was
Hired by Cypark Resources Bhd to manage, develop and oversee the implementation of Malaysia’s First Utility Scale Ground Mounted Solar facility in Malaysia. He is the former CEO of Konsortium Kontratasa Utama Group. Constructed, and has managed and financed numerous private and government infrastructure projects. He has written research articles and books on civil and foundation engineering.  Mr. Sapari is a fomer Executive Committee Member, Malay Youth Business Chamber Of Commerce, Malaysia  2006-2010. He earned a Masters of Science in Engineering (focus on Foundations) & Bachelors of Science in Engineering from University of Technology Malaysia.

Rizal Bin Mohamed
General Manager, Business Development

Mr. Mohamed is an accomplished private equity analyst and investor with 17 years of experience.  Prior positions: Aureos Capital, Malaysia, Private Equity Analyst; Aureos Malaysia Fund and Aureos South-East Asia Fund II;  Marketing, evaluating, structuring and negotiation of deals.  Credit Guarantee Corporation (M) Berhad (“CGC”), Malaysia, Executive (marketing, processing and monitoring of CGC loans and loan recovery).  Bumiputra Commerce Bank Berhad, Malaysia, Executive Officer, loan recovery for retail and business loan. EDUCATION: Bachelor of Accountancy, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia


Seagate China Team

Mark Qiu- Senior Director, Seagate China; 20+ years of experience at the Bank of China and China Everbright

Li Hong- Senior Director, Seagate Research and Consulting LLC, China all sectors

Steven Shi- Director, 20+ years of finance experience in China and international trade

Wiseland Qiu- President, Seagate Madcon Global, Beijing, and manager of Seagate's relationship with Tsinghua University

Bill Gu- Director, Kunming Seagate Green Construction Company Ltd., 15 + years China and international experience

Alex Li- 20+ years sourcing and trading construction materials and commodities in China.

Chen Li- Director, 8 years of international trading experience

Seagate Global Malaysia

Haider Isnaji

Managing Director and CEO of  Seagate Global Malaysia.  Mr. Isnaji has more than 15 years experience in Infra-structure development, International trading, and business management. Before joining Seagate Global, he has worked as CEO of Silabakti Sdn Bhd, a construction and trading company. Haider has also worked in the Philippines for 3 years as a General Manager of Bestsun International doing mining operation for Korea Zinc co. ltd. and 4 years  a General Manager of the ARMM Regional Ports Authority.  He has an Engineering Degree from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Associate Degree from the State University of New York.

Seagate Global Saudi Arabia

H.R.H. Princess Anoud Abdullah Mansour Al-Saud
President , Seagate Global Saudi Arabia

President of Seagate Global Saudi Arabia.  Her Highness is an entrepreneur with wide experience in owning and managing businesses in the Kingdom.  Her Highness is also owner of JETCO, a Saudi Arabia company which owns and operates medical clinics, motor vehicle distribution and exhibition centers.

Datu Macapanton Jihad C. Abbas, III

Managing Director at Seagate Global Saudi Arabia and Senior Director at Seagate Global (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd., holds the title of "Datu-a-Samporna sa Dayawan" from the Sultanate of Lanao of the Bangsamoro.  President and CEO of Syarikat al-Abbas Industries, Inc. a family owned trading and holdings company in the Philippines.  Director at Sultan Macapanton Yahya Abbas Foundation Inc., a non-government organization involved in acquiring and distributing assistance to less fortunate families in Southern-Philippines which has over 2000 members.

Seagate Global Latin America

Jesus Berrelleza
Managing Director, Seagate Global Mexico, 20+ years mining and business experience

Seagate Global Philippines

Carlos Echegaray- Project Engineer, 15 years of civil engineering and business experience

Seagate Research and Consulting
Marc Green- Senior Advisor, Seagate Research and Consulting.  Mr. Green has more than 30 years of experience in institutional capital markets and investments, including: private equity,  sovereign bonds, commodities, foreign exchange, and money management.  As a consultant, Mr. Green evaluates and compiles financial information for corporate clients, investors, legal advisors, and regulators.  He also is working on a number of large mining opportunities. 
Mr. Green is co-founder of Axion International Inc., a leader in Recycled Structural technology. Previously, Mr. Green was a senior trader in market-making for government dealerships, firms recognized by the US Federal Reserve; managing arbitrage and trading accounts, underwriting U.S. federal agency securities, and managing sales force distribution activities. 
Marc holds a B.S. degree in Administration and Management Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

Jack Goldschmid
t- Senior Advisor, Seagate Research and Consulting.  Mr. Goldschmidt has over 30 years of experience in capital markets sales and trading, investments, high tech and consulting. Most recently, he has been involved in building, funding and managing technology-driven companies. His hands-on experience of developing business relationships and partnerships in parts of Asia, Africa, South America and Europe has provided him with keen insight into the global nature of trade and the importance of driving international sales, profits and market share. Among his current advisory is AE Resources, a company that is commercializing energy efficient reactive chemistry processes for the oleochemical and advanced bio-fuel industries. He also is currently working on several very large mining projects. Jack has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the United States Naval Academy and a Master of Business Administration from The Pennsylvania State University.

John Nielsen- Senior Advisor, Seagate Research and Consulting.  Mr. Nielsen has over 20 years of experience in alternative investments, financial consulting and mortgage banking. He is a highly innovative and productive global financial executive whom has built an international clientele of investors from Korea to the Middle East to Switzerland and elsewhere. Prior to focusing on alternative investments he helped build several successful internet based mortgage companies as a senior executive.   He is on the Board of Directors or affiliated with several companies, including Xeon International Inc, Elements Spirits Inc, Liquid Living Magazine LLC,  Hardmoneylink.net, ACG Companies, Paramount Real Estate Solutions, CAPFIN Partners, Mediderm laboratories, and Pharmatech Exports Inc.  Mr. Nielsen is a graduate of Colorado University taken the Financial Planner Certificate course at Boston University.