Social Responsibility and Good Governance

Social responsibility and good governance are integral parts of Seagate Global’s business philosophy.  We focus on people first and the environment.  Prosperity follows. 

For us, business is a means to make the world a better place, not the end goal.  Thus we focus our investment acumen on sectors that will improve people’s lives, such as improving the financial system, community development, food production, job creation or affordable housing.  We also invest in sectors that will help improve the environment, such as solar power, wind power and other forms of alternative energy. For Seagate, the 21st Century is about helping people and improving the planet, which in turns helps to create a more rich and deep prosperity which includes not just material items, but other metrics of well-being.  

Our actions speak louder than words:

  • Principal in designing and funding the Programs of Global Excellence which has helped over 150,000 families.  
  • Designed and are helping to implement POGE Bougainville, a comprehensive development program for the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, at no cost to the country.
  • Retained Dr. Jesus Estanislao as Seagate’s Governance Advisor.  He is the former Minister of Finance of the Philippines and the founder of the Institute for Corporate Directors, and Institute for Solidarity in Asia.  
  • Trained and employed hundreds of indigenous people in the Philippines to help clean up the environment while producing “green” iron ore, while paying them a living wage 3 times above local standards.  
  • Financial Advisor to The Southeast Asia Food and Commodity Exchange which is designed to reduce hunger and poverty in the Philippines and  Southeast Asia by advancing environmentally friendly state-of-the-art agricultural techniques and encouraging entrepreneurship and ownership.  

  • Seagate paid to build a road in rural Yunnan Province to improve the quality of life and increase economic opportunities for those living in remote villages.
  • Early backer of clean energy, investing in Goldwind Science and Technology 2004 which we helped bring public in 2007 on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Goldwind is now the 2nd largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world.
  • Financial Advisor to Trina Solar to finance solar projects in SE Asia. 
  • Financial Consultant to the Malaysia's Sustainable Energy Development Authority in the design of Malaysia’s feed-in-tariff program. 
  • Economic Advisor to the Province of Zambales, Philippines where Seagate designed and helped implement comprehensive community development.  POGE Zambales Video
  • Working to improve communication and relations between Muslim and non-Muslim countries through trade and education.
  • Partnered with Tsinghua University in executive education to promote investment and finance expertise for government and business leaders.
  • Founder and manager of the Seagate Global Bumiputera Trade Support Program in Malaysia to provide needed financing and technical support to small and medium size enterprises for construction materials and other items. 
  • Financing affordable housing in Malaysia. 
  • Working with the Duterte Administration in The Philippines on investment programs to support sustainable economic development and increase FDI flows.