Seagate Global Group:  Investing for a Better World

At Seagate Global we do not follow the investing crowd, we lead.
  Our goal is to create stable high risk adjusted returns in all market conditions in people friendly investment strategies, and then reinvest in our Programs of Global Excellence which are now helping over 150,000 families.  This is how we are “Investing for a Better World.” 

We believe that one of the best ways to help reduce poverty and human suffering is through targeted investment and trade.

Most investors believe that such investing reduces the return to investors, and increases risk.  Seagate Global has proven that this is not the case. 

While we screen our investments to focus on things that help people and the environment, at the same time, Seagate Global has been recognized as one of the world's top performing investment managers on numerous occasions, proving the conventional wisdom wrong.  For example, consider the following Seagate achievements and citations:  

  • World's Top Performing Fixed Income Manager Award, Global Alternative Investment Management Forum (GAIM), Lausanne, Switzerland, 2004
  • World's Top 10 Emerging Markets Manager, 3 years 2002-05,  BarclayHedge EM
  • World's Top 10 Fixed Income Manager, 3 years 2002-2005, BarclayHedge FI
  • Cited as one of only 86 "Star Hedge Fund Managers" out of 7,396 funds from 1994 to 2007 to demonstrate statistically meaningful ability to outperform markets. See: Top Hedge Funds
  • 2008 performance +18.4% (HFR Macro Seagate) vs average hedge fund of -19.8%, (+38.2% better than the average fund), equals Barron's Top 50 Funds
  • Produced over US$400 million in profits in green investments for investors, over 800% return, from 2004 to 2010
  • Partner in building China Everbright into "China Outstanding Investment Corporation," 2008 & 2009  Everbright
In recent years we have been managing internal money and investing in POGE, but are considering opening a new strategy to outside investors soon. 

Core Businesses 

Investments  (Seagate Global Advisors)

Seagate Global has produced prize-winning investment performance in a focused number of alternative investment strategies. Currently our focus is to provide investor with alternative fixed income strategies with that have high yield and low risk.  Specifically:  Asia government backed programs that provide needed funding, help people and produce an attractive yield for investors.

Financing   (Seagate Global Capital)

Seagate Global has developed a large merchant banking and funding network.  We represent a number of extremely well capitalized companies.  Seagate Global can arrange financing for projects of any size, including: infrastructure, hospitals, plant, equipment, construction materials, mines, energy and clean energy.

Trading  (Seagate Global Trading)

Seagate Global trades in financial instruments, raw materials, agricultural products, construction materials and equipment.

Advisory Services  (Seagate Research and Consulting)

Seagate Research and Consulting provides solutions to complex problems and creates new opportunities.  We have been retained by a variety of clients, including country presidents, central banks, governors, development organizations, business leaders, family offices, mines and financial organizations on a variety of financial consulting related mandates. 


Seagate Global manages the assets of its partners as well as those of select clients. Seagate seeks to preserve and grow assets while controlling risk. Seagate Global focuses on risk controlled absolute return strategies and offers traditional portfolio management services.     

Note: The above companies are separate legal entities from Seagate Global Group, Ltd.




Seagate Global Group, Limited 
Suite 5501, 55th Floor Central Plaza 
18 Harbour Road Wanchai, Hong Kong

Other companies that may have overlapping managers or shareholders, but which are independent companies for legal and regulatory purposes, presented here for information purposes only with no legal affiliation expressed or implied:

United States

Seagate Global Advisors, LLC
1801 S. Catalina Blvd., Suite 305
Redondo Beach, California 90277
Tel. +1 310 524 2000

Seagate Global Wealth Management, LLC
5000 Birch Street, 
West Tower, Suite 3000
Newport Beach, California 92660
Tel. +1 858 609 8228

Southeast Asia 

Seagate Global Trading Sdn Bhd
32B, Jalan Diplomatik
Presint 15
Putrajaya, 62050, Malaysia
Tel. +60 3 8861 8017

Seagate Global Commodity Services, Ltd.
E-2903B Philippine Stock Exchange Centre 
Ortigas Center Pasig City, Philippines
Tel. +63 2 5703096

China: Beijing, Shenzhen, Kunming
Mexico: Manzanillo
Saudi Arabia: Jeddah

Private Company

Seagate Global is privately owned by its Partners and compensation is  based primarily on performance, aligning our interests with our clients’ results.  Being private has also allowed us to pursue our passions of helping people and the planet using financial markets.


Seagate Global has become one of the most trusted names in Asia because we think of the interests of others first, seek genuinely to help people, are discreet, independent and objective.  The most important thing we have is our reputation.