Seagate Program of Global Excellence- Malaysia 

Seagate Global is working with government officials and Ministries in Malaysia to further the goals of Wawasan (Vision) 2020, the long term development program of the country.  

Seagate is providing financial and technical support to small and medium size businesses in Malaysia under the Seagate Bumiputera Trade Support Program: 

  • Seagate Global Bumiputera Trade Support Program has been established at the invitation of the Malaysian Government to assist Bumiputera and other local small and medium size companies to grow by providing technical and balance sheet support.
  • Seagate Global Trading Sdn Bhd has been established in Malaysia to implement the Bumiputera Trade Support Program. 
  • The Program provides Bumi companies with needed construction materials and other items at low down terms currently unavailable to them which helps to increase their cash flow, a key bottleneck for such companies.
  • The Program uses the co-op volume purchasing power and the strong balance sheet of Seagate to reduce the cost of the materials to the Bumi companies. 
  • The Program sources from local suppliers and Seagate guarantees the payment to the supplier, eliminating the possibility of loss by the supplier.

Thus in this innovative program, the Government is achieving its goal to promote Bumi company growth.  The Bumi companies improve cash flow at lower cost.  Local suppliers receive payment guarantees from Seagate for orders, thus eliminating loss.   

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   Malaysia's Ambassador to the US, His Excellency Ambassador Datuk Dr. Awang Adek
 (second from left) invistes Seagate Global to support SME's in Malaysia.