Seagate Program of Global Excellence- Bougainville 

POGE Bougainville includes:
  • Seagate helped author and deliver to the President of Bougainville and his cabinet a comprehensive economic and sustainable community development plan, at no cost to Bougainville. 
  • Seagate Global is the Advisor to the Government of Bougainville on economic and financial matters related to building the financial infrastructure necessary to support sustainable economic development in the country. 
  • Bougainville POGE Development Corporation is a Public/Private Partnership between the People of Bougainville through its Government ownership, and other parties that bring technical expertise and investment to foster sustainable community development in Bougainville.  This program is designed on the successful POGE Zambales model, and is under the leadership of Prof. Dominador Tupaz.  
  • POGE Bougainville is working to bring down the costs of basic goods such as rice through the construction of a wholesale depot and is importing goods directly from overseas lowering the costs of such goods to people on the island.  
  • POGE Bougainville now has thousands of member families.  

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President Momis and the Bougainville Cabinet accept the first draft of the Bougainville Economic Development Plan designed by Mr. Lawton and Prof. Tupaz of Seagate Global.