Seagate Programs of Global Excellence

(POGE) Overview

Seagate Global believes that one of the best ways to help people and make the world a better place is by fostering sustainable economic growth and development.  To do this we design training and investment programs and then support them with capital and market access.    

In Asia Seagate Global has worked intimately with the governments of China, the Philippines, Malaysia and Bougainville on matters related to economic development, the financial systems, attracting international investment, asset management and other key issues important for economic development.   

Seagate Global has been a leader in investment in clean energy in Asia, helping to establish the wind power industry in China and the commercial solar industry in Malaysia. Seagate Global related companies have returned over $400 million in green project investments in Asia to investors, placing Seagate as one of the most successful green investment companies in Asia.  

On the community side, Seagate Global has designed and funded a number of educational programs, investment programs and community development related activities.  

We are implementing development models that empower communities to produce their own goods and services locally, while keeping the profits in those communities.     

These programs now have over 150,000 members.  This has all been self funded with no government funding to date. We take into account the level of economic development, culture and religion of each country, and customize the program for maximum effectiveness in that country.  

Seagate Global has raised over US$250 million for direct investment in small and medium size enterprises in Asia, and through that helped grow over 10 companies to become large enough to be taken public in New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen.    

Seagate set up a course in finance and investing for SME's with Tsinghua University in China.  

In Malaysia Seagate is working with government ministries and local trade associations to implement the Bumiputera Trade Support Program which is designed to provide capital to small and medium size enterprises in Malaysia to spur growth. 

Prof. Dominador Tupaz, a world-recognized leader in community development,  has been instrumental in Seagate’s POGE community development efforts (pictured below right). 

  • Seagate Global, with the POGE Development Corporation, is working to create innovative development and growth models to help families and SME's in SE Asia.  POGE has experts in the following fields:
    • Financing
    • Capital raising
    • Construction materials
    • Business education
    • Solar energy and other clean power solutions
    • Iron ore
    • Sand and gravel 
    • Food logistics and distribution
    • Coffee
    • Cacao
    • Castor oil
    • Palm oil
    • Coconuts
    • Sugar
    • Livestock
    • Fisheries
    • Mangos
    • Meat processing
    • Retail
    • Handicrafts
    • Homestay
    • Tourism
    • Affordable housing