Seagate Global Investments

Seagate Global Group's core expertise is global investments and financial engineering. 

Seagate Global has been recognized as one of the world's outstanding investment companies on numerous occasions, including:  

  • World's Top Performing Fixed Income Manager Award, Global Alternative Investment Management Forum, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2004    GAIM Prize Winner
  • World's Top 10 Emerging Markets Manager, 3 years 2002-05, BarclayHedge  Barclay EM
  • World's Top 10 Fixed Income Manager, 3 years 2002-2005, BarclayHedge  Barclay FI
  • Cited as one of only 86 "Star Hedge Fund Managers" out of 7,396 funds since 1994 to demonstrate statistically meaningful ability to outperform markets.      Top Hedge Funds
  • 2008 investment performance +18.4% (HFR Macro Seagate) vs average hedge fund of -19.8% 
  • Seagate selected as a component of the HFR Index for hedge funds 
  • Partner in building China Everbright into "China Outstanding Investment Corporation," 2008&2009  Everbright

Seagate Global invests in strategies that help people and improve the environment. Seagate is currently focused on trade finance related strategies in South East Asia that provide needed capital to small and medium size businesses.  

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