• Seagate Global entered the mining business as one of the best ways to help people.  Seagate Global has access to capital and markets for mineral output.  Many communities have resources, but no capital or expertise to develop them.  Seagate Global acts as the bridge between the two.  
  • Seagate Global's second objective is to help improve the environment.  Thus we take into account the potential benefits of mining to the community versus the negative environmental impact, and work to strike the right balance, sacrificing profits if needed.  We do not support mining that is not environmentally responsible. 
  • Seagate Global works on behalf of communities to strike deals that are fair to them, not just the mining companies. 
  • Seagate Global has the ability, through our network of partnerships, to package mining operations of any scale.
  • Seagate Global is partner to some of the world’s largest mining operations, including COMPLANT, GMG, Kunming Iron and Steel and many other companies.
  • Seagate is partnering with mining interests focusing on community development which include large deposits of:
    • Gold
    • Copper
    • Iron ore
    • Chromite
    • Manganese

  •  Seagate is currently assisting in the shipment of iron ore, manganese, chromite,  and other minerals from the Philippines and Mexico to China. 
  • Seagate provides working capital and equipment for mine expansion based on potential output of the investment.
  • Seagate Global is the economic and development advisor to the governor of Zambales, mining capital of the Philippines.
  • Dominador Tupaz, Pres. of Seagate Global Commodities,  is the Community Development Advisor to Philex Mines, the largest gold mining company in the Philippines.

Bottom Line:  Seagate Global can assist in community development revolving around mining operations, provide capital for mine expansion and assist in delivering resources to China and other countries  

Contact Information: Sam Shang, President, Seagate Global Trading,